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- S A M A R (サマル) -
For the precious moment with your loved ones.
Hand-picked in US,sustainable style

- N A T I N G (ナティン) -
Draw your true self.
Hand-picked in Europe,sustainable style



STELLA McCARTNEYやGUCCIなど数多くのハイブランド、メゾンブランドを筆頭に











Hand-picked,sustainable vintage clothes.

How to enjoy fashion with the earth in mind.

Many high end and luxury brands lincluding STELLA McCARTNEY and GUCCI have been implementing sustainability into their new designs, but what happens to the clothes that have already been manufactured, bought, and delivered to us as consumers?

In New York, people believe that secondhand clothes are sustainable. They also participated in the Climate March which was an international march urging for concrete policies and actions on climate change and global warming.

I found an article where one young adult participant was quoted saying, “The clothes someone no longer needs may be my greatest treasure.” It spoke to my heart. I believe it is the ultimate sustainability if second-handed clothes can become new clothes again after they are bought by someone new.

Only 15% of secondhand clothes and shoes are recycled annually. The rest of them will be burned or sent to a landfill. Buying secondhand clothes (recycled clothes) is a controversial topic, but I believe that we can each find our own way to be earth-friendly. I still need some study on this topic. However, with cute secondhand clothes and items that are one of a kind, and even earth-friendly, I get the feeling of getting two, or even three birds with one stone.

With this in mind,I would love to continue to import and buy wonderful vintage and used clothes and items.